What We Do

-Fabrication Cibleball device
-Promote Cibleball for schools, sports clubs, related NGOs,...
-Training and supervising coaches and players
-Run campaign to set up the device and run a training session and begin to hold local competition and events
-Holding competition inside schools, locally, inside countries and internationally.
-Collect contribution to competition rewards.

Cibleball targets the blind-deaf, the blind, the physically impaired and also a wide range of students who have a tendency in exploring different kinds of sport which require mental focus and concentration as opposed to sports that are solely based on agility and reaction time. Legislative constraints, safety issues and scarce real-estate limit choices of schoolyard sports to very few sports all of which require agility and swiftness like football, basketball, table-tennis and badminton etc. This imposed lack of diversity prevents sports such as archery to become schoolyard mainstream sport. For instance, an overweight schoolgirl who is isolated from her peer group due to lack of agility or contribution to schoolyard team sports and dreams of inclusion in her friend’s circle, can shine in Cibleball matches. She will be recognized and treated like a champion. She builds confidence to challenge other top player and receives that dreamy applause from hundreds of students. Finally, The Cibleball project will encompass houses, schools, sport clubs, universities and