It's too many years that people make a crucial category against human: Disable and Enable
        With  this  classification,  we induce people with disabilities that they don't have any chance to           compete in a perfect match with enabled people. We can see the proof of this claim in two words:

Olympic and Paralympic
 Throughout the long  history of the Olympic games only, very few seasoned disabled could

overcome several barriers to compete in the Olympic games.

 CIBLEBALL  for the first time provides

 a new platform that everybody regardless of their disabilities can compete with anybody else at any level.  

No exclusion on any basis.
This new sport does not discriminate, blind and sighted, disabled and abled, male and female, fit and unfit all can compete together under the very same condition.

Participant succeed in this sport solely and only based

on their merit, hard work, and determination

regardless of any disabilities.

Cibleball creates a level playing field.



 Seated participant takes shots towards an elevating ring.

The closer the hit to the center of the ring the higher the score.
The interactive scoring system is designed in a way that any participant with any level of impairment in sensory input (vision, hearing, vision, and hearing) receives feedback of the last throw’s accuracy and could be oriented to target and her/his throwing.

   A blind participant, for instance, will adjust his/her next shoot after hearing the feedback that his last shot was 28cm off to the right and 14 cm off forward from the center.

 A deaf-blind person receives tactile feedback under his/her fingers.

The feedback informs the player of the last shot’s hit position on the ring and enables a disabled person to adjust his/her throws exactly the same way a basketball player does after visually observing his/her shot.   

Over time with enough exercise, he/she can correlate the feedback and muscle motors more efficiently. A blind or a deaf-blind player could be spatially oriented to target, his/her shoot, body and muscles.
Therefore the main requirement for competing which was being able to see is not the case anymore. Competing seated at CibleBall court gives an opportunity to the paraplegic or any person with lower limb injuries to take part and be included.